J2EE Performance

With the proliferation of J2EE as the platform of choice for server-side applications, there is a growing collection of applications that do not scale well, spend too much computing resources, and do not provide satisfactory user experience.

Our service offering includes the following components:

  • An evaluation of the application architecture including the architecture decisions and the associated tradeoffs, alternatives, impacts, and implementation.
  • A code review of sample components for adherence to standards and industry recognized best practices.
  • Profiling the application using profiling tools such as IBM’s Jinsight, or Quest Software’s JProbe and Memory Debugger.
  • Performance test execution to establish a baseline the application’s performance characteristics including CPU utilization, garbage collection statistics, network statistics, and database usage statistics.
  • Identification of performance bottlenecks, applying the necessary corrections, and re-execution of performance test scripts for the purpose of comparison with the application’s performance characteristic benchmark.
  • Repeating this process until the application’s performance goals are attained, or it is decided that the point of diminishing returns has been met.